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Transforming the "Dry Cleaner" into the "Service Centre"

A shift has taken place in the dry cleaning industry to locating units in areas close to the needs of the customer. with a resurgence of interest in small easy to operate one man businesses with modern, attractive, efficient stores that can provide additional services.

The time has arrived to take advantage of many new add on business opportunities that can be arranged around a modern Service Centre concept, dry cleaning being the anchor service.

Entrepreneurs are taking up the opportunity to provide modern, bright, friendly stores with a dedication to service. They can add many other services to their stores such as, cell phones, lotto vending, e-mail points, internet access, photo services plus more familiar facilities such as carpet cleaning, mending services, key cutting, photocopying, shoe repairs etc. New era business opportunities now exist which can be incorporated to transform the old staid "Dry Cleaner" into a modern, busy provider of essential products and services in a compact profitable Service Centre

In the past, the high cost of establishing a new dry cleaning store has been a limiting factor as has been the cost of upgrading an old dry cleaning machine to a new one. Now there is good news on four fronts. 1. Six years ago we began to import machines from China at much better prices than machines made in Europe. This has been a great success. 2. The machines we sell are not only highly efficient, they are faster, allowing operators to purchase smaller models without losing production capacity. 3. Improvements in machine and chemical technology enable the operator to handle a much wider range of garment types safely and profitably. 4. Due to the high level of efficiency of the machines we sell, the operating costs are reduced.

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