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Laundry And Linen Service Planning, Design And Operation

Sizing a Laundry

The fundamental requirement in planning is to estimate or calculate the dry weight of articles to be processed. This exercise may entail the use of acceptable norms or calculating the future load based upon available data. Having done this, the next step is to decide on the type of washer(s) most suitable in terms of the quantity and type of articles to be laundered. The type of generic washing equipment chosen will determine, to a large extent, the other major equipment required. The type of equipment chosen will have a major impact upon the space requirements in terms of area and height. After this exercise, the preliminary broad space requirements can be established with the use of acceptable norms, followed by detailed space calculations.

Estimating or calculating the dry weight of articles to be processed

Acceptable norms

Calculating the weight of articles

Translating the total dry weight of articles into kilograms per hour

This information courtesy of Division of Building Technology, CSIR.